Week of July 25 (Week #4)

Friday 7/27/18– 20 min warmup followed by SDS (8) 12- 20x 100m on grass. followed by heavy squat routine.

Thursday 7/26/18-80 minutes of aerobic running (40+30+10) preceded by BIG 15s!!!

Wednesday 7/25/18-Top guys ran 5.75 to Rocky Hill, 2 x 1 mile hill, 5.75 mi back and 10 x 100m, 14 total.

Tuesday 7/24/18-BIG 14s , 4- 7.25 miles followed by squat routine

Monday 7/23/187- 12 miles followed by 10 x 100m


Week #3 7/16/18

Friday 7/20/18-BIG 13s followed by 20m, SDS (8) and 15 x 100m on grass followed by squat routine.

Thursday 7/19/18– 80 min of running (40-30-10) preceded by Big 13s

Wednesday 7/18/18-top guys ran the hill once for a total of 13 with strides, top gals ran 11.5 and developmental group ran 65 min-11.5, 10 x 100m

Tuesday 7/17/18– 2- 7.225 miles followed by 2 x 20 reps of deep squats at 50 (ladies)- 60 (dudes)  pounds.

Monday 7/16/18– 60:00- 11 miles followed by 10 x 100m

Week #2 6/9/18

Friday 6/13/18-Big 11’s followed by 15:00 up, SDS (8) and 14 fast sprints on grass followed by heavy-ish squat routine.

Thursday 6/12/18-BIG 11’s , 65 minutes on grass (35+30) followed by barefoot strides

Wednesday 6/11/18-9- 11.5 miles on towpath followed by 10 x 100m.

Tuesday 6/10/18-Big 11’s followed by lower leg exercises and 3-6 miles followed by 20 sets of squats at a light weight.

Monday 6/9/18-50:00 – 10 miles on towpath plus 10 x 100m.

Week #1

Friday 7/6/18-15:00 up after BIG 11’s and lower leg drills followed by drills and 8 strides. Pirates ran 12 x 100m sprints  and squatted heavy.

Thursday 7/5/18- Big 10s followed by 30 minutes steady, stretch, 30 minutes and drills.

Week of 6/4/2018

Wednesday 6/6/18- easy distance run and 4 x 100m

Tuesday 6/5/18- Sameer, Kelsey and Kavya all warmed up for 15 min, SDS (8) followed by walk through. Sameer ran a mile in 4:31, an 800m in 2:20 and a 400m in 66 followed by fast 200’s. Kavya ran 500m at goal 800 followed by a quick rest and a fast 200 followed by 150’s, Kelsey ran 1k at goal mile followed by 400m at goal mile and 150’s. 2 laps down- Adhwin ran a distance run followed by form 150’s.

Monday 6/4/18- kids ran 9-10 miles easy on towpath followed by strides.  Adhwin who didn’t race Saturday warmed up 15m SDS (8) followed by 800m in 2:05.5, 30 s rest, 400 in 58, 30 s rest, 400m in 62, 2 laps down.

Week of 5/28/18


Sunday 6/3/18– recovery run of 55-60 minutes.

Saturday 6/2/18– 3200’s Kavya advances in 800,  Sameer 2nd in 3200, Kelsey advances in 32 as well, A’NAN WINS GROUP 4 LONG JUMP!!!!!!

Friday 6/1/18-1600 at state groups- Sameer 2nd and Kelsey advances and PR’s!!!

Thursday 5/31/18– pre-meet!

Wednesday 5/30/18-aerobic run at maintenance pace followed by strides.

Tuesday 5/29/18-25 minutes up, top ladies ran 3x 1200m at LT followed by 3 fast 200’s, 2 laps down, top guys ran mile reps at LT followed by  fast 200’s.

Monday 5/28/18– aerobic recovery run followed by strides.

Week of 5/21/18

Sunday 5/27/18– recovery run of 60-70 minutes and strides.



Sectional Information-

Sectionals 2018
Friday 5/25
Event Ladies Duders
400h Jamie Smiths
1600 Kelsey, Kavya, Turcanu Sameer, Adhwin, Magoun
100 Brianna, Jordan
400 Seriah, Brianna Jack, Garrett, Brian
4*8 Kelsey, Kavya, Ria, Mita, Stucky (Alt) Sameer, Adhwin, Magoun, Ryan, Cole (Alt)
Girls Shot Asthma, Simran, Jolie
Girls Jav Gabby, Jolie, Amanda
Boys Disc Ron, Big Bob, Brian
Girls LJ
Boys TJ David
Boys HJ A’Nan, David
Girls PV Tanner, Courtney, Sachi
Saturday 5/26
BUS TIME 7:30!!!
Event Ladies Duders
High Hurdles Jamie, Alice, Susan Sebastian, X?
800 Ria, Stucky, Kavya Cole, Adhwin
3200 Kelsey, Julia, Jillian Sameer, Jake, Austin
4*100 Jamie, Seriah, Tanner, Jordan
200 Brianna Garrett
4*4 Brianna,Seriah, Asia, Kavya Garrett, Adhwin, Jack, Brian
Boys Shot Ron, Big Bob, Brian
Boys Jav Matt, Eva, Andrew
Girls Disc Gabby, Jolie, Amanda
Boys LJ A’Nan, Dhruv, David
Girls TJ Jamie, Susan
Girls HJ Seriah, Dharma
Boys PV Mark, Erik


Friday 5/25/18– those competing did so at sectionals, those competing tomorrow performed pre-meet, those competing next week in 4×8 ran 600 at goal 80, 30 sec rest, 200 all out followed by 6 minutes jogging and 6x200m with 200m rest at goal 800, 2 laps down.

Thursday 5/24/18-pre meet or Distance run

Wednesday 5/23/18-either frosh soph meet or 50-55 minutes followed by 4x150m

Tuesday 5/22/18-DUSKFEST!!!!!!!!!! Pictures coming soon!!!!!!

Monday 5/21/18-either pre meet or (top dogs) 40 minutes steady followed by a few fast strides.

Week of 5/14/18

Saturday 5/19/18- meet postponed until Wednesday at 2!!!!!! We’ll leave school at 12!!!!!!! Practice at HSS at 8:30 am!!!!

pirates ran 100 repeat 200’s at a clip, normal warm up and cooldown.

Friday 5/18/18- steady distance followed by form running.

Thursday 5/17/18- steady distance or Holmdel twilight.

Wednesday 5/16/18- pre meet or 15:00 up, SDS (8) 8 x 200m , 2 laps down

Tuesday 5/15/18-mileage and fast strides.

Monday 5/14/18-track meet at North or longer workout with Mr. Gilch

Week of 5/7/18

Saturday 5/12/18-MCC or long run at towpath of 8-11 and 10 x 100

Friday 5/11/18-steady distance or 1200m time trial followed by fast 200’s.

Thursday 5/10/ 18– very light run

Wednesday 5/9/18-1.7 miles to Lewis Chamberlain Park,  Stretch, drills, 5-6 x 800m at LT with 1 minute rest, 1.7 miles down, MD group ran 5x 800m at LT and 4 x 200m fast on grass.

Tuesday 5/8/18– BIG 19’s followed by lower leg drills and 6-9 miles followed by 11x 150m (form running)

Monday 5/7/18-lower leg drills followed by 15:00 up, SDS  (8) and…

MD guys and gals ran 600m at goal 800m followed by 10:00 easy and 6 x 200m cut downs with 200m rest.  Adwin led the dudes in 1:23.7 followed by 289, 28.5, 27.5, 26.3, 26.2, 24.6, Kavya led the ladies in 1:37, followed by 33, 32, 31, 30, 29, 28.  Top LD guys and gals ran classic 4-3-2-1 workout, rest after 1600 was 7 min, 6 min after 1200, 5 min after 800, Sameer led the dudes in 4:29, 3:20, 2:04, 56, Kelsey led the ladies in 5:25, 4:02, 2:33, 70.  Developmental groups ran 10 x 400m at goal 1600 pace with roughly equal rest. 2 laps cooldown for everyone followed by BIG 18’s.

Week of 4/30/18

Saturday 5/5/18– long run and strides on towpath, 10-13.5 miles.

Friday 5/4/18-Holmdel Twilight or distance  run.

Thursday 5/3/18– either pre meet or hard 400m reps.

Wednesday 5/2/18– distance run and strides

Tuesday 5/1/18– distance run  and strides

Monday 4/30/18– those competing in tomorrow’s duel ran 55 minutes and 10 x 100m .  Those not competing ran a variety of specificity,  15:00 up, SDS (8) .Most kids ran 4 x 800 on a 5 min cycle, 2 laps down, Sameer led the dudes in 1600m at goal 3200 followed by 7 min rest and 3 x 800 on a 4:300 cycle, Times were 4:26, 2:13, 2:14, 2:10, 2 laps down. Adwin led MD group with a mile in 4:26, a quick rest, a 400m at a struggle, a 200m at 31, 7 min recovery 5 x 300m in 41.25 (3 min rest) 2 laps down and lower body lift.