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Week of 9/9/13 (Week 11)

Saturday 9/14/13– Practice at Turning Basin Park!!!!! 8:00 am!!!!!- kids got in monster long run.  Top dogs hit 17.5 and 8 x 100m for 18.  B Boys and A ladies hit 13.5-16.5 followed by 8 x 100m.  Boys c and girls B hit 11.5 and 8 x 100m.!!!!!!

Friday 9/13/13– 6-9 miles in 58:00

Thursday 9/12/13-1.75 miles up A- 40 x 300m (1:50c), Ba 30 x 300m, or Cc- 25 x 300m (2:15-2:25), 1.75 down


Wednesday 9/11/13-A- Conover Loop plus 2 mile son grass and 12 x 100m for 10. B(a)- 10k loop plus 2 miles and 12 x 100m -9, C (b)-10k loop plus 12*100 for 7.

Tuesday 9/10/13-A- 80 minutes on grass B(a)-8.2 miles.C- (b)- 6.2 miles.

Monday 9/9/13- Quick meeting followed by …

A Boys – 4 miles up followed by developmental miles of 6:15/6:05/5:55/5:45/5:35- 1 minute rest between each, 1 mile coolie for 10 on the afternoon.

B Boys and C Ladies 3 miles up and 4 developmental miles- guys hit 6:40/30/20/10 and 1 mile down for 8!!!! Ladies hit the same but finished in 6:03-4!!!!!!!- 1 minute rest between each.

Boys C- Girls B- 3 grass loops followed by three grass loops at EASY, MEDIUM, HARD, 1 mile cooldown for 7!!!!


Week of 9/2/13 (Week 10)

Saturday 9/7/13 -Practice at 7:30 HSS!!! Bus trip to Bell Mt. Estimated return to be 12:00!!!!

Friday 9/6/13– MONTANA S!!!!! 10 minute wall sit followed by 1.75 mi. warm-up and SD.

A Boys 36*300m on a 2:00 cycle.

B BOYS (A LADIES)-26*300M (2:00)

C BOYS (B LADIES) 20X 300M (2:20 (DUDES)- 2:30 CYCLE)

1.75 miles down for between 7.25-10.25


Thursday 9/5/13– Practice at 8:00 am at Turning Basin Park  for anyone who doesn’t have religious obligations! For everyone else- HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! A Boys got in 10 miles in abt 63 minutes- A gals aimed for 63 minutes for 9 miles and everyone else got in 9 miles at a relaxed pace.

Wednesday 9/4/13– quick meeting followed by 2.2 up and a quick stretch- followed by…

A- 6 miles at 6 minutes per mile (top 4 hit 35:30/ Sam hit 36:08- Zabih (36:36)

B(a)- 5 miles at 75% (Edylyn led the ladies in 34 and change)

C- finish the loop!!!!

A and B finished with a mile of 100m strides for a total of between 7.2-9.2 on the day.

Tuesday 9/3/13– 10 minutes of wall sits followed by nutcrackers, and abs before heading off for 30-40 minutes of running followed by…..

A-developmental miles on the track in 6:20/6:10/6:00/5:50- 1 minute rest between each.

B(a)-4 x mile in 7:00/6:50/6:40/6:30- 1 minute rest.

C(b)- 3 grass loops.

Everyone finished with 20 x 100m to total between 7-10.

Monday 9/2/13- Happy Labor Day (You guys better have gotten your run in!!!)

Week of 8/26/13 (Week 9)

Friday 8/30/13-kids got in 2.5 miles up- 20-25 x 150m hill- 2.5 down…end of an ERA!!!! Goodbye Arrenton Rd!!!!!!

Thursday 8/29/13-kids got in 70 minutes (7-10) before hitting 20*100m for between 8-11 on the day- then the PIRATES TUBED!!!- except for poor Edylyn who mostly just bobbed in place for 4 hours.


Wednesday 8/28/13-A Group dudes and ¢$D CASH $¢ got in 16.5 to beautiful North Trenton.  B group duders and A ladies got in 14.5, C group Dudes and B ladies got in 11 miles and 16 x 100m. Karn led all with 57 out and 53 back (5:30 last mile).

Tuesday 8/27/13– some lower leg exercises followed by …

A Group – 10k plus 3 grass loops for 9

B(a) Group- 10k loop plus 1 grass loop

4.25 mile loop plus 1 grass loop

Monday 8/26/13- 2-3 miles up followed by…

A Boys 8 miles led by KARNAGE in 47:40 (41:33 thru 7…17 sec improvement over two weeks ago!!!!)

B Boys and A ladies got in 7 miles up tempo and C buys and B ladies got in 6 miles.

Coolio was a few minutes jogging and 16 x 100m.

Week of 8/19/13 (Week 8)

 Kids!!! Please have your parents fill out THIS form for next Thursday’s tubing trip.

Friday 8/23/13– kids got in 20-25 x 150m hill or returned from Camp!

Thursday 8/22/13–  core and stetching til the storm passed then broke into groups

A-9 grass loops and 16 x 100m for 10

B (a)-7 grass loops and 16 x 100m for 8

C(b)-5 grass loops and 16 x 100m for 6

Wednesday 8/21/13-A Group dudes hit 16.2 miles and 16 x 100m for 17.2!!!!!, B dudes and 8 group ladies hit 13.5 + 16x 100m and C group Dudes and B group ladies hit 7-11.5 miles and 16 x 100m.

Tuesday 8/20/13– kids got in some core followed by a trip to Tyler State aprk for some relaxed running (40-70:00) followed by 25 x 100m strides for a total of 7-10.5 miles

Monday 8/19/13- kids either went to camp or hit 23 minutes up followed by stretching and drills. After which the Pirates hit 700m loop in the Institute woods for 45 minutes. Vinci led all with around 5:52 pace, Cooldown was a short jog and 20 x 100m for between 8-11.5.