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Manhattan Race comments



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Jake Riff- a very solid race- but just solid- you guys have to learn to get on stage and boogie- today we just ran- don’t sell yourself short- be great- today was good.

Dan Riff- similar to your brother- you have to learn to be bolder if you’re going to emerge as a top level guy- nonetheless I’m very happy with the way you and Jake are approaching your running.

Dan Sheldon- You got out in mid pack position- this haunted you for the rest of the race- you’re not a mid-pack runner- if you’re going to be our number 1 guy than you have to get out with the numero uneros.  Again- you had a very solid race- but if we’re going to make this season memorable we have to walk out to the other side.

Schoepfer- best race of the season- ignore the finish time and place- you attacked with aggression and fought hard- continue to do so!!!

Karthik- don’t pass up opportunities like this.

Glen- I’m so proud of your development- there’s no point in getting into the VIP room if you’re not ready to party.

Judson- great performance in a tough course!

Callahan-perhaps the best race of the day- you raced hard from the gun! Very tough!!!

Vinci- when did you get so good>?

George Hamilton-best XC race of your career- you’re a talented great guy- your improvement is directly related to your commitment.

Niv-solid race- you’re emerging as not only a very solid runner- but a good leader.

Soskind- you got out great and paid for it- so be it- you’ll race better next time- great work.

Abith- you may be the most improved runner on the team- period.

Prathik- your best XC race to date- all the work is beginning to pay off.

Albert-very solid race- how good can you get in the next 2 weeks?

Matt-you led us- very good race- you behaved great out there.

Schofield- you’re going to be a great runner.

Eddison-awesome job- more than anything you wanted to be here and had fun- be that guy every day.

Jeff-I think you were intimidated out there- don’t be – you’re good- be yourself- be good.

Caroline – Great effort, awesome start.  Dropped 10 seconds from last year.  Solid through the first 800, keeping the lead girl in your sight.  Fantastic finish, burying the competition behind you and never looking back.  Keep up the great work! 


Ingrid – Great race, great start, great finish.  Keep using your strength and speed but watch the middle of your race, stay forward and keep pushing.  Very proud of your efforts, keep it up!


Shelbs – Solid effort, you dropped 12 seconds from last year.  Don’t let go of Ingrid and bring May with you.  You guys are an awesome 2, 3, 4 punch.  Awesome leadership, keep it up!


May – Good race kiddo, but get up there with Shelby and Ingrid where you belong.  Believe in yourself and your fitness and get out from the start!


Xinran – Unbelievable!  You dropped just over 2 minutes from last year!  All the hard work and training is certainly paying off!  This is the Xinran we’ve been waiting to see.  Keep up the good work!


Lisa – Solid race, but don’t be afraid to push a little harder.  Watch your start, you got muddled up in the middle of the pack.  We look to you, Nicole, and Xinran to be the backbone of the team, so get up there where you belong!


Crossey – Good effort, you dropped 25 seconds from last year, way to go.  Be careful on the start, use your speed, get out where you belong.  Stay on your toes through the finish, don’t let yourself get stagnant.  Keep pushing with Lisa!


Nana – Great race despite the crazy start.  Way to use your speed to fly out in front.  Once you were there, you just held on!  You’re right there with Lisa and Nicole, keep pushing!


Cai Cai – Let’s refocus our efforts and find the strength and stamina that you have spent all summer building.  Don’t be afraid to push a little harder and get back up towards the front where you belong.  Awesome finish, passing 16 girls, but let’s try and stretch that same effort and attitude over the rest of the course.


Nora – Solid effort.  I’m proud of the progress you’ve made this year. 


Yvonne – Good racing, again despite the awful start.  Let’s work on getting more focused in the middle of the race, and hang on to Nora and the girls just in front of you.  


Donnelly – Rough start, but not really your fault.  We have to continue to work on the breathing difficulties, because Katie, you’ve got the tools, we just need to use them.  Don’t be afraid to push yourself!  


Sari – The start didn’t go as planned, but don’t give up heart.  Keep pushing onward, you’ve worked so hard to get this far.  Still another month to the season, so let’s make it count!


Millie – Great effort.  I’m so proud of the hard work you put in everyday.  Keep up the great attitude.


Cherokee Challenge


Name Place Time 2009 2008 2007
Mike Judson 8 11:08      
Jake Riff 7 10:25 23/ 11:45    
Dan Riff 6 10:23 10/ 11:29    
Markan Patel 31 10:46 44/ 11:25    
Kartik 21 10:35 22/11:00    
Prathik 68 11:13 60/ 11:39    
Maeda 57 11:04 16/ 10:42    
Sheldon 4 10:05 8/10:47    
AJ Chavez 18 10:32      
Dougie 21 10:15 37/10:47 15/10:43 13/11:18
Matt Boosh 72 11:02 79/11:17 45/11:14  
Andy Sleps 60 10:51 119/11:32    


Mike Judson – got out great and hung in well until the last 600, you’ll learn to concentrate and become hungrier the last 800- grab some spikes and keep learning.  You have a tremendous future ahead of you.

Jake Riff- got out reasonably well- you guys race as well as any athletes I’ve coached.  Once you commit to being tough EVERY DAY you’ll breakthrough to the elite level.  The will to win is nothing without the will to prepare.

Dan Riff- See above- you got out great- if you look at the race footage your chin was creeeping up- this closes the windpipe and throws off your posture- keep the head neutral- even yours is very heavy…hahaha- lets get agter it.

Markan- got out horribly- I think you let the stomach thing get in your way- for every reason you don’t have to succeed there are a million other reasons you can- don’t allow excuses to prevent you from reaching your potential.  You’re too good for this- your becoming a leader on this team- take us to the top.

Karthik- you had one of the greatest summers in Pirate History- whats the point of getting all dolled up for the prom if you’re not going to do some dancing? Get out there and shake it.

Prathik- I’d love to know whats going on in that brain of yours- key off one of your teammates and STAY WITH THEM- you’ll surprise yourself.

Maeda- last season you started well and finished rough- this year will be different- solid effort considering- your 2nd half of the race was impressive- will you do what it takes every day to put yourself in postion to be there in November?

Sheldon- your best race to date period. You raced with fire and determination- commit to staying healthy and doing best when it counts.

AJ- your strength is your strength- I’m so impressed with your work ethic- keep it up and you’ll really herlp us this year.

Doogie- considering how poorly you got out you raced very well- find your groove and stay in it- make sure you’re getting your rest.

Caroline – Solid performance.  You got out strong with the top pack just in your sight.  Don’t be timid, you’ve got all the tools.  Great push at the 800m to get up front.  Keep the confidence up and know that you are in fantastic shape, so run like it.

May – Strong start, right to the front of the pack.  You exploded up the hill and closed the gap with a few when you got to the top.  Great race, over a minute faster!  Keep it up.

Lisa – Awesome start and great push through the first mile.  Keep your head up and keep pushing, the second (and third) miles will come. Great attitude, great race, let’s continue forward on this path.

Katie – Your hard work and perseverance from the summer is starting to pay off!  A great start and a hard push up the hill gave you good position for your strong finish.  This is the Katie we’ve been waiting for!

Xinran – Unbelievable!  Over 1:30 faster than last year!  Definitely 6 steps in the right direction, keep working hard, you are doing awesome!  Don’t lose sight of the pack and keep doing what you’re doing!  Great job.

Crossey – Good race, but watch your start, don’t get all muddled up in the back of the pack.  Use your speed and don’t be afraid to get up to the front.  Once you’re there, you’re there!  And thanks for making it back out of the woods!

Jaedi – Way to get out there and push through the aches and pains.  It feels good to go fast.  Make sure that you take care of yourself, stretching, icing so that you stay healthy to race!  Dropped 15 seconds from last year.  Keep up the good work!

Cai Cai – Good start, great finish!  Take that ferocity and spread it over the entire race, and then you’ll be up in the front pack.   Keep working!

Nana – Solid start to the season.  Don’t forget to maintain your speed on the hills and then attack at the top.  Good finish, way to hold off the impending pack.

Nora – Minute improvement from last year, great job!  I am so proud that despite the aches and pains, the asthma, the whatever, you are out there pushing yourself.  Let’s get you healthy so you can really let it roll.

Sari – Great effort, dropped 20 seconds from last year.  You have all the tools you need to succeed.  Keep working hard in practice, and the times will continue to drop. 

Mollie – Hang in there, keep doing the right things, keep pushing in practice, and keep the eyes up.  You’re doing well.  Great first race, let’s build that confidence!

Hightstown Duel

Splits here



Great day kids- I’m proud of the redirection that occured yesterday.  Lets keep it up- breakthroughs are only breakthroughs if you stay on the other side.

Schmidt- good race- you set the tone- you followed intelligently and went for the win- you were focused and determined- if you continue to train and race this way you’ll make a run at 4:30 this year.  Focus and be consistent and it will happen.
Alex- incredible job- you were focused and determined- lets go as far was we can with this- the closer you get to 4:40 the better set up we have for next year and beyond.
Hurshal-if you’re not in it you’re out of it- your splits are misleading- even when you were in the pack you were at the back of it and losing connection with the race. Be focused and compete- the bolder you are in races the bolder you’ll become in other realms- and son- you’re smart, you’re a good athlete- lets do something with your talents.
Grant-very uninspired 1600- if you’re under the impression that sub 5 is something that is going to just show up- just happen-such as arm pit hair -then you’re in for some major disappointments.  You’re right there- you need to require it of yourself- show some intensity for crying out loud.
Austin-ugh- agonizingly close- you were 5 seconds under pace with a lap to go and ran out of gas- a little bit of toughness that last 200 would have put you under.  Lets get it in the next race- make it happen out there. You raced the proper way-  hung on until you died- next time die later and less.
Sameer-great job- you’re coming back fast and furiously- stay after it and lets go after sub 4:40- that’s your goal.
Max- nice work man- we’re going after 10 next week- you’re ready- now lets GO.
Sean Ferg- great job- your last 100m was astonishing- way to recover from Saturday- now lets work on consistently performing at this level.  I’m so proud of your athletic development.
Joe  Ferg- good solid race- now this is a race you can build on Joe.  Keep the upper body nice and relaxed while running- drop your hands a bit.
Maeda- your toughness impresses me- you were so determined and in tune with doing your best- that’s why you’re going to be an outstanding runner- you’re determined to do your best.
Buchbinder-good race- you were in touch wit the comp and fought hard the whole way- I’m exceedingly proud of the year you’ve had- we have just a few weeks left to go after your goal of running under 4:40- lets single-mindedly reach for it.
Doug-best race- in my mind- of your pirate career- it’s a breakthrough if you build on this theme- your effort was absolutely awesome today- you never fought harder! Now that we know we can do it lets get after it.  Your goal are to get to 4:35 and as close to 2:00 as possible.
Foy- big week of training- you’re progressing nicely- lets pay attention and stay healthy- take your recovery time seriously and let’s start thinking about our goals.  9:15 and under 4:20.  If you continue to compete it will happen.
Sheldon-race don’t pace- you’re shooting at the hip- justget out there and roll- way too much left in the last 200- use that in the middle of the race.
Gurbux- whatever it is- fix it.
Grant- outstanding performance!
Ron- you’ll get there- take practices more seriously and sweat the small stuff-it’ll pay dividends these last few weeks.
McKee- you competed with drive and fire- also your shorts were goofy and didn’t match- other than that great race- we’re ready to go after 9:XX- next Friday is out first shot.
DJ Hiller- you can run with Jeff- if you don’t finish with him- start with him- you got gapped too early- even better you could have just sat on the H-town kid and water ski’d to a PR.  Next Friday we’re going after it.
Hurshal- bad day- get over it and go forward.



Shelby- you’re ready for some great performances- consistently apply the mindset of the past few days to the rest of the season and you’ll run 5:20- hang on- stay forward and allow yourself to fight hard the last lap.  Lets focus!
Kaleigh- awesome job- I’m proud of your development- great time- better performance- you tried so hard out there- that’s all  we value and is the most important aspect of performance….effort.
Facheema- ugh………….ugh……… week we’re under to stay under- you were way under with a lap to go- keep at it!!!
T2- we want o be under 11:50 in our next all out 32.  Let’s train for that performance.
Lisa- congrats!!! Awesome job!!
Donnelly- congrats!!! Awesome job!!
Caroline- wowsers- you’re fit! Keep enjoying yourself!
Kaylee- good day- doubles are tough- but can be done if you concentrate!
May Chang- awesome- lets get to the 2:30’s!!!!
Isabella- very good job!- you can run 2:40 this year- keep it up!
Becky- you’re ready to run after the school record- that’s your goal- 2:20!!!!
Sherene- good performance!!!
Julio- nice job- you looked easy and relaxed
Katie- you’re ready for something truly special.  The road to 10:20 starts tomorrow.

Race Comments State Meet

First some quotations for contemplation.

From pg. 365 in Ayn Rand’s Fountainhead.

1. We’ve survived some hardship this winter and emerged stronger.

“All Growth Demands Destruction”.

2. If we have faith in our abilities we can further our dreams this season and beyond.

“We must not think.  We must believe. Believe even if your mind objects. Don’t think, Believe. Trust your heart, not your brain.  Don’t think. Feel. Believe.”