Monthly Archives: April 2018

Week of 4/16/18

Thursday 4/19/18-Cherokee!!!  BUS LEAVES AT 3:45, MEET STARTS AT 6!!!

Wednesday 4/18/18-Big 10’s followed by distance run and strides.  Those not competing at Cherokee ran 6.5 (ladies) to 8 (dudes) followed by form 150’s and lower body lift.

Tuesday 4/17/18-either a recovery run or duel meet at Trenton, windy and cold.

Monday 4/16/18– those competing at Duel Meet on Tuesday ran steady distance followed by form 150’s, those not competing on tuesday ran 10 x 400m on 2:20, 2:40, 3:00 cycle.


Week of April 9 2018

Saturday 4/14/18– long run followed by 1 (top gals)- 2 (top dudes) of the Big Rocky Hill. strides after.

Friday 4/13/18– 1.7 miles up to Lewis Chamberlain Park, SDS 2-3 x 800m at 100% of Mile Goal pace followed by 100m sprints. Top guys ran a crappy 1st one, (2:19 ) followed by quality last two 2:09, 2:06, ladies were a bit more steady at the top- 2:35, 2:34, 2:35 full rest between each.

Thursday 4/12/18

Wednesday 4/11/18

Tuesday 4/10/18– 1.75 miles to Lewis Chamberlain Park,  2-4 miles on grass, 1.75 miles back for a total of 5.5- 7.5 miles.

Monday April 9 2018– Big 16’s, 15 minutes up, SD (MD group performed 8 strides).  Top guys ran 10 x 800m with 1 min rest at 90% of max, guys avg’d 2:27-8.  Gals ran 8x 800 at 90% of max- Kelsey had about 50 s rest., Kelsey avg’d 2:56-7.  Everyone else ran 6- 8 x 800m on a very short cycle. 2 laps down.  MD group ran 4 x 500m on a 3:30 (dudes)- 4:00 (Kavya) cycle. Kavya avg’d 93, Adwin led dudes in 1:18 avg. kids squatted and performed deads after.

Week of 4/2/18

Saturday 4/7/18– 10 mile time trial, Sameer led the team with a 56:50, Jillian led the ladies in 1:11.59, 10 minutes warm up- 5 minutes cooldown.

Friday 4/6/18– most kids ran 15 min up, SDS (8) followed by 2 x 1600m at goal 3200 with 8 min rest between followed by 6 x 75 sprints with over-unders. Top diggity dogs and gals ran 2x 1600m at goal 3200 followed by a fast 800m- rest interval was 8 min. Sameer led the dudes with 4:34/ 4:33/ 2:08, Ladies were led by Kelsey and Kavya in 5:35(KK)/ 5:34(KK)/ 2:35 (KT),  followed by same 6 x 75m with drills.  Md group ran 2 x 500m at goal 800m pace followed by 5x200m at goal 800m pace. Adwin led the charge in 71/ 72 and 27ish, two laps down. Good day- breezy, early, and cold. kids finished with an upper body lift.

Thursday 4/5/18-same as 4/3/18

Wednesday 4/4/18– Big 15’s followed by lower leg drills, 10:00 warm up, quick stretch, most kids ran 10k up tempo followed by 11 x 150m. very top kids were on the track for 4 (ladies)- 5 (dudes) of LT work followed by 11x150m.

Tuesday 4/3/18– 65 minutes followed by lower body lift.

Monday 4/2/18–  15:00 up, quick stretch- bulk 400’s in the snow. Top dogs ran 30x400m on a 1:55 cycle, avg’d 73-75, Kelsey led the ladies wit 25x 400m on a 2:10 c with n 82-3 avg.  2 laps down.