Week of 1/30/17

Sunday 2/5/17– Sectionals, Pirates move on!!! Videos at youtube.com/piratexc


Saturday 2/4/17– 8:00 am practice at TBP.

Friday 2/3/17-steady distance and form 150’s for those competing this weekend, for everyone else they ran 2 miles up, SDS (8) followed by 600m fast and 12 x 75m fast.

Thursday 2/2/17-steady distance.

Wednesday 2/1/17– steady distance for those competing this weekend, for those not competing kids warmed up 2.2 miles and ran 5 miles at a good clip (Jillian abt 35, dudes around 29:30) followed by a 400m at a good pace and 2 laps easy followed by core.

Tuesday 1/31/17– those competing this weekend ran the classic NAU Preper, 600m all out followed by 20:00 steady and 10 x 100m sprint. Kevin led everyone through the 600 in 1:26 (Julio ran 1:42-1:43) .  Good day.

Monday 1/30/17– most kid a quick warmup of 15 minutes SDS (8) followed by 16-22x 400m on a 2:15, 2:30, or 2:45 cycle. Those who raced yesterday ran 70 minutes steady.  A few guuys ran race simulation of 2400m and 1200m followed by 12 x 400m on a 2:05 c.


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