Week of 3/14/16-

Saturday 3/19/16–  LONG day- top dudes hit 16.2 followed by 16 x 100m for around 17, 2nd Group led by Christina and her posse hit 13.5 in 93 minutes, everyone else hit at least 11.5 finishing with 10 x 100m

Friday 3/18/16-tippity top gals and guys ran 4 x 800 with 7:30 rest , Tim led the boys through the wind and cold in 2:09-2:10, Crancan led the ladies in 2:26/2:28/2:30/2:25- all in all A GREAT DAY. The res of the pirates hit a 1k time trial followed by 12 x 100m fast with over unders, Upper body lift (hang cleans and bench press)

Thursday 3/17/18– 40 minutes easy and TT

Wednesday 3/16/16-40 min steady followed by 20 min at LT and 6 x 150, TT after

Tuesday 3/15/16- quick form drills before embarking on 6-9.5 miles followed by 6*150 and TT

Monday 3/14/16- 2 miles up followed by SD and …

Top dudes hit 10*1000 @ 10K PACE (5 min cycle), top ladies hit 8 x 1k at 10k pace (5:30 cycle).

Developmental groups hit 12-20x 400m on a 2:20-2:45 cycle. 2 laps down and TT (100/40/40) and squat routine (4 x 15 reps of 70% BW (fs) and 130% BW (BS)


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