Week of 3/30/15

Saturday 4/4/15- either a long run ( 9-14.5) or compete at Hellsboro Relays. Nikhil hit 13.5 miles – 1st 12 miles in 68 minutes last 1.5 miles in abt 5:10/ mile

Friday 4/3/15- either distance for those racing tomorrow or 2 miles up sds(8) followed by 1k fast and 20x 75m

Thursday 4/2/15- 6-11 miles and Easter Egg Hunt! Followed by a fast 800 (ladies ran 2:39)

Wednesday 4/1/15- kids ran in the steinert duel or ran a Conover loop  

Tuesday 3/31/15- kids had a quick meeting before running 7-10.5 miles on grass followed by 10 x 100m. Top Dogs hit 10.5- top ladies hit 60 minutes at 7/ mi plus 10*100m

Monday 3/30/15– full body core followed by 2-3 miles up, SDS (4) and….

A- Tippity Top Dogs – 12*800m on a 4:30 c (top guys avg’d 2:40), A Guys- 10 x 800m on a 4:30 cycle- B Boys – 8 x 800 on a 5:30c, Dcash and Cranc got in 10*800m on a 4:”30 cycle- rest of the ladies hit 6-8x 800m on 5-6:00 cycle. short coolie- Squatters squatted 5*6 reps at 135 (ladies)- 150% (dudes) BW.

Nikhil ran 12 miles at 6:20/ mi.


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