Week of 3/23/15

Saturday 3/28/15- Practice 8:00 am at Turning Basin Park!!!!! DIRECTIONS HERE. Nikhil shatters Dan Sheldon’s venerable 2012 course record of 54:06 with a 53:30- epic run!!!! A Boys ran 14.5 with 10x 100m, B Boys and top ladies hit 13+ 10-20x 100m and C boys and B ladies ran 11+20*100.

Friday 3/27/15- 2 miles up- SDS (8) – most kids hit 1200m fast (sam led way in 3:26) followed by 20 x 100m, Tim and Zabih ran 800/1k at 2:02/2:40 followed by a quick rest and 200m fast but controlled followed by a 400m in 60. DCA$H and Christina hit 1k in 3:05 followed by 30 s rest and 200 m in 33 – both groups finished with same 20 x 100m and drills.

Thursday 3/26/15– 6-9 miles on grass.

Wednesday 3/25/15– most everyone ran about 2 miles up before hitting between 4-5 miles hard followed by 20 x 100m.  A Boys ran 6 x Vanhiseville loop with the 800m hill pick up for 9 miles. Top   ladies and Tim hit LT on track after 2-3 miles up . Girls hit 4.5 miles (DCA$H hits 27:34 (6:06 !!!) Tim ripped 5 miles in 26:20 (5:15)- all finished with 20 x 100m.  How about Cam Kadis’s 30:20 for 5 miles!!!!!!!!!!! ????? unreal!!!!!!!

 Tuesday 3/24/15– Brynn Wayton’s 5th Birthday- kids celebrated by running campus loops (6-9) Nikhil ran 11 miles.


Monday 3/23/15– quick core followed by 2 miles up SDS (8) and…

Top Dudes – 25 x 400m on a 2:10 cycle.

Boys B (Girls A)- 20 x 400m 2:35 cycle

Boys C (gals B) 18*400m (2:50c)

Penn Group hit ..

Tim 4 x 700m at Goal pace – Tim avg’d 2:49 with full restand finished with a 400m in 60 and 4 x 200m in <30.

DCASH and CRANC hit 4 x 700m between 2:05-09 and a 400 in 72.

MD guys hit 2 x 600m at 1:32/1:28 and 4 x 400m at Goal 800.

Team Moxham hit 600@ G 800 followed by 4 x 400 at G 800. followed by a fast 200.

Squatters hit 5*20 reps at 100 (gals)- 130% (dudes)- Good day.


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