Week of 3/16/15

Saturday 3/21/15-8-10.9 miles steady followed by 25-*32*100.  Nikhil hit 2 miles up and 8 miles in 42 and change.  Good day.

Friday 3/20/15-practice cancelled – Run OYO

Thursday 3/19/15-16:00 up SDS (8) followed by …Most kids built on last week’s workout of 800m fast followed by 20 x 100m with over -unders. Penn crowd hit 900 @ Goal pace followed by 300 fast and 20 x 100m. Zabih hit 600/ 200 and 20 x 100

Wednesday 3/18/15-Nikhil and Tim hit 10 miles (1st 5 miles at 6:20- 2nd 5 miles at 5:40) Deirdre and Crancs hit 4 miles in 24:20 on the track (windy) Everyone else hit between 4-5 miles of hard running followed by 2.2 miles up. A few brave souls (Sam, Zach and Nial hit 16x 400m with Karn (last 8 in spikes))

Tuesday 3/17/15-Nikhil hit 11 miles at 6:10/ mi.  Everyone else hit between 1.2-3 miles up followed by 3-6 x 1600 at 75% of MVO2

Monday 3/16/15- core followed by 16 minutes easy and SDS (8) and

A Group- 12 x 800m (4:30c)

B Group -20x 400 (2:35)

C Group – 15*400 (3:00)

Others hit … Nikhil hit 10 miles at 6:00/ mi

Tim hit penn spec- 6*600@ 1:31/132/132/132/135/133 and a 200 in 27.

DCA$H and Cranks hit 5*600 in 146/150/147/150/150 and finished with a 33.

Zabih and Nial- 4 x 500 at G800, not good.

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