Week of 2/2/15

PXC celebrates 7 years online!!!!

Saturday 2/7/15-top dogs hit 12 miles at 6:20/ mi- other groups hit between 8.7-10.7 miles on the road- everyone finished with 12 x 100m

Friday 2/6/15-2 miles up- SDS- top LD guys hit 3*800 @ MGP with 6 minutes rest followed by 3 x400m fast with full rest. 2 miles down – girls hit same workout with only 2 400’s.  MD group hit 5 x 400m and 5 x 300m – adequate rest at Goal pace.  Most kids git 1.3 up followed by 4-5 x 1 mile and 1.2 down.

Thursday 2/5/15-recovery run

Wednesday 2/4/15-quick core followed by …most kids ran 1.2 miles up followed by 4-5 x 1 mile at 85% and 1.2 miles down.  Sectional and easterns group warmed up 2 miles (SDS-8) followed by …

LD guys – 2 x 1850m at G32 pace (6:00 rest between reps) followed by 5 x 300m

LD ladies – 1850 at G 32 – 6 minutes rest- 570 at G16 followed by 3 x 300m

MD duders- 2 x 570m at G 800 followed by 6 x 300m

2 miles down.

Tuesday 2/3/15– Top dogs hit 10-11 miles (6:20 pace).  Top ladies hit 8.5 miles @ 6:55/mi.  Most kids got in 2.2 miles up- and 4 miles at a good clip (led by Zabih ( 22:57) and Nial and VJ(22:30).  Squatters got in 5 sets of 15 reps at 130% BW

Monday 2/2/15-top ladies ran 40 minutes at 7/ mi indoors, Top LD guys ran 10 miles on cleared roads outdoors. Mots kids warmed up 15 minutes and hit between 12-20 x 275 on a 2-2:15 cycle.


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