Week of 4/7/14

Wednesday 4/9/14-2 miles up- kids either hit a 4.2 mile time trial or developmental miles- Guys hit 6:00/5:40/5:20/5:00, girls hit 6:20/6:10/6:00/5:50.  2 miles cooldown .  MD crowd hit 5 k fast followed by 500m at G800.

Tuesday 4/8/14– Kids either hit a progressive run of 3 miles and 3 miles or ran against Allentown.

Monday 4/7/14-2 miles up followed by SD and ….a-26 x 400m (1:45c), b-20* 400m (2:00) 16*400(2:10c).  Those competing tomorrow got in 7-9 miles on grass.  For a select few – 15 minutes up- 25 minutes at 75% followed by 7 minutes at 85%- 14 minutes down.  Ladies got in 2 miles up- 3 miles at 75%, 1 mile at 85% and 2 miles down   Squatters got in 3 x 20 @ 90%

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