Week of 12/23/13

Saturday 12/28/13– top dogs went all the way to Polonia (16.5 plus 8 strides for 17).  Top ladies hit 14.5 and MD dudes hit 9 miles and 2 x 1 mile @ 80% plus 20 strides.

Friday 12/27/13– 2 miles up- SDS (8) followed by 800 at MGP followed by 14 x 125m with drills.  Very Top dogs hit 5/8ths of goal distance (500/1000) followed by the same 14 x 125.  Karn led distance hogs in 2:43 (4:20) (Deirdre led ladies in 3:25 (5:27????? ) MD guys hit 72 while Edlyn led the ladies in around 85.  squaters be squatin.

Thursday 12/26/13– 2 miles up followed by quick stretch and between 3-4 miles of threshold running. Top ladies hit 4 x mile with about 2 minutes rest at LT (6:05-6:30) top dogs worled with Coach Mac at 3*2400m around LT , MD guys hit 3 miles at lt followed by 300-200-100.

Wednesday 12/25/13– get out for a jog! Merry Holidays Everyone!!!!!!

Tuesday 12/24/13– kids warmed up with some core followed by 3.1 miles up and 3.1 miles progressive, top dogs hit 17- top ladies hit abt 21. jog back to track- fast 300m and 2 laps down for around 6.5.

Monday 12/23-13-2 miles up- SDS (8) followed by….

A-20*400m (2:15c)

a- 18*400m 2:20c

b-14*400m (2:35)

c- 12*400m (2:50)

Top ladies hit 16*400m on a 2:35 c

MD hit 16*200 on a 70 second cycle. 2 laps down and some hit 5 x 10 reps of 50% BW squats.

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