Week of 7/29/13- (Week 5)

Friday 8/2/13– kids got between 18-22 x 150 hill-5 miles worth of warmies and coolies.

Thursday 8/1/13– kids got in a timed run followed by some upper body work.

Wednesday 7/31/13-A Group Boys got in 15 miles and 8 x 100m, D Cash led the ladies with 14.5 and 8 x 100m! Boys B and Ladies A got in 12.5 = * x 100m and Boys C and Ladies B got in 10 miles and 8 x 100m.  Great morning- perfect weather!!!! Starting to look pretty good PIRATES!!!!!

Tuesday 7/30/13– kids got in some lower leg strength work followed by mile loops- most guys and gal got in an hour (7-9 miles) followed by 20 x 100m on a 30s cycle.

Monday 7/29/13-2 miles up- quick form drills. Workout as follows—

A Group and $DCash$- 6 miles at a good clip- Karn led the dudes in just over 36.

B Boys and A Girls- 5 miles at a good clip.

C Boys and B girls 4 miles.  Coolie was 15 minutes and 10 x 100m for hopefully 2 miles. Kids got in between 8-10.