Week of 12/24/12-

Saturday 12/29/12- kids ran between 9-15 miles.  MD got in 9 miles plus 3 x mile- in 6:00/5:30/5:05.  Most got in 8-16x 100m following run.

Friday 12/28/12– 2 miles up followed by sds(8).  Most kids got in 800m fast followed by 14*110m with drills, MD got in 600m fast followed by 14x 110m.

Thursday 12/27/12– timed run (50:00) followed by kickers (top groups only)

Wednesday 12/26/12– slow goin- kids ran between 4.2-10k of LT, MD kids ran 2-3x 2 miles.

Tuesday 12/25/12– off or OYO in order to celebrate Jimmy Buffet’s birthday, also….Happy Birthday to …

Monday 12/24/12– 4 minute free squats followed by 4 minute abs and 4 minute nut crackers. 2 miles warmie followed by SDS (8) and…

A Group LD- 2 x 800m @ GMP followed by 18 x 400m ON A 2 min cycle.

B Group LD Boys – 18*400m on a 2:30 cycle.

A Group Ladies 800m @ GMP followed by 14*400m on 2:25 cycle.

MD Duders- 400m at G800 pace followed by 18*200 (60 sec cycle)

MD Chicks- 400m @ G800 pace followed by 18*200 (65 sec cycle)