Week of 12/19/11

Saturday 12/24/11- PRACTICE AT 8:00 AM!!!!! Gals and Develeopmental group hit 7 miles followed by 2-3 miles- top dogs hit 11.5 followed by 2x a mile for 13.5.  Cold but good day.

Friday 12/23/11- at 12:20 kids met to get in a quick workout, Eddison did his best to make a quick getaway before being apprehended.  2 miles up, MD guys hit 550 @ GP (Eddison hit 1:17), LD guys hit 1k at GP- led by Duke Star Schoepfer in 2:39 (Jake and Dan a step behind). Impressive splits considering it was blustery.  Most kids hit a fast 600m.  Afterwhich everyone hit 10*200m insterspersed with hops and overunders.  2 laps down.  Good day.

Thursday 12/22/11- kids hit a recovery run of 50 minutes followed by a mile of madness consisting of 30 Burpees, 30 jumpinjacks, 30 mountain climbers and 30 coes. Good day. 

Wednesday 12/21/11- kids hit a warmie before embarking on 3.1-4.2 mile threshold loop followed by 2 laps easy.

Tuesday 12/20/11– 800 reps of core before heading out for 4- 6 miles.  Top dogs and ladies came back progressive on their runs .  Riffs led the guys in a around 17 for 3 miles.  Good day.

Monday 12/19/11- standard warmie before hitting a time trial on Jadwin Gym’s track, good day.