Week of 9/19/11

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”

– Gandhi

Saturday 9/24/11- 9-10 miles steady followed by 2 miles at LT and 10x 160m for between 12-13.

Friday 9/23/11- most kids hit recovery runs of between 4.2- 7.2 miles followed by 10x 160m strides.  A few executed the season’s 1st bowl beater.  Jake led all with 3200 in 9:43 @ 10:30 the guys ripped a 400 led by AJ in 61, rested 45 seconds and Jake led them home in 4:59.  Caroline hit 11:08/ 78/5:35ish.  lomnger cooldown to get 10 on the day.

Thursday 9/22/11- most kids hit 1 miles up followed by 30-45x 300m on 90-110 second cycles.  Those running tomorrow’s bowl-beater hit 2 miles up followed by 6 miles at 5:35 pace and a mile down followed by 10x 160m for around 10 on the day. Vinci hits about 8.5 miles at GP!!!!!! what an animal!!!!!


Wednesday 9/21/11- kids ran aerobically for 55-60 minutes before hitting 2400m at G 5k pace.  Cool down of 5*160m strides for around 7-11 on the day. lower body lift after.

Tuesday 9/20/11-  Those not racing hit 16*400m on a 2:30 cycle. Those racing hit 2 miles up followed by 5k hard and 20 minutes easy/ 20x 100m.  Top guys hit 30 minutes and 20x 100m for around 10 on the afternoon.

Monday 9/19/11- kids ran pre meet of 6 miles+ 10x 160m strides, if not racing tomorrow kids ran 6 miles plus 1.5 miles at G5k pace followed by 2 lAPS AND 10X 160M, top dogs and Caroline hit 8.5 miles followed by 6 laps at LT and 10x 160m for 11.