Week of 7/25/11

Saturday 7/29/11-  kids ran steady between 45 and 65 minutes before hitting a mile at 85-90% and finishing with between 16-20x 100m. for between 7-10.5

Friday 7/28/11- 2.5 miles up followed by stretchin and between 15 (ladies) and 19 (dudes) x 150m , 2.5 down, PM upper body lift with Jim “the body” Carvahlo.  Good day.

Wednesday 7/26/11- top dogs hit 15 steady miles followed by 8x 100m for a total of 15.5, Alum Danny O hit 16 finishing at 6 minute pace for the last 7-8 milers- you’re welcome St. Joes- Caroline led the ladies with 14.5 and 8 strides for 15.  Shortest group was 10 miles!!!!! most kids hit between 13-15.

Monday 7/25/11-  3 miles up- top group hit 3miles, 2 miles, and 1 mile at 80-85% about 5 reps between each set, cooldown of 1 mile and 16x 100m bf strides for a total of 11 miles- other groups hit sets of 2 miles.  Good day.