Week of 3/21/11

Saturday 3/26/11- most kids ran the scrimmage- others ran at the tow path- top dogs hit 14.4 (last 4.5 hard) – top ladies hit about 13.5 (last 4.5 hard.

Friday 3/25/11- easy run for those competing at the scrimmage or workout for the Penn crowd.  Riff, Sheldon and Oconnell completed 25*400 on a 2 minute cycle avg 71 seconds.  The 4×8 crowd hit reps at 500 at GP followed by reps at 300.  Girls hit 3x 50% of goal distance at Goal pace with full 400m recovery.

Thursday 3/24/11- all those competing Saturday run their 400’s. 8 laps followed by stretching, drills,a nd strides (8).   Top group hit 25x 400m on a 2 minute cycle- just incredible, Top ladies hit 19x 400m on a 2:30 cycle!!! 2 laps down.

Wednesday 3/23/11- 5k- – 5 miles of threshold running. followed by a 13 minutes of running

Tuesday 3/22/11- 2.3 mile warmie to Conover followed by either 2 miles progressive or 5 miles steady state followed by a mile of madness (mountain climbers, burpees, jumpin jax, and pushups).

Monday 3/21/11- 500-950m of GP running followed by 2 laps easy and 12x 120m fast (flying last 60m) in between each rep was plyo hops followed by over-unders.