Week of 12/13/10

Saturday 12/18/10- kids ran between 7-12 miles and 2 miles at threshold followed by 16x 100m for between 8 and 15 on the day.

Friday 12/17/10- power day.  Kids got in standared 2.5 miles warmies followed by 50% of goal distance at 100 % pace. Eddison hit 53 to lead the 800 group and Schoepfs led the way for the milers in 2:06 or so.  Everyone followed this up with 12x 150m alternating with lunged and coes or overunders and plyos.  2 laps down.

Thursday 12/16/10- timed run of between 40-60 minutes followed by 3x 400m (400 rec) .  Schoepfs again led the way in 61,60,61.

Wednesday 12/15/10- 2.5 miles up (2 miles and 8 strides) followed by between 5k and 4.3 miles of threshold training.  Schoepfs led the way with 23 low for 4.3.  Everyone hit 3 laps down and team core.

Tuesday 12/14/10 – Run HERE

Monday 12/13/10- 2.5 miles up (8 laps and 8s) followed by 7-12 x 400m @ RP on a 2:15-3:30 cycle. Schoepfer hit 3x 500m with a full 400m rec in 75-76.  He followed the 500’s with 3x 300m at GP. 2 laps down and 500 reps o’ core.