Week of 4/19/20

Sunday 4/26/10-long run 10-11 oyo.

Saturday 4/25/10- kids warmed up for 20 min, hit 6x 300m and 4x 150 with power drills in between, 20 min coolie.

Friday 4/23/10- kids did a porgressive conover. DMR finished 8th of 16 teamns in Champinship of America DMR

Thursday4/22/10- pre meet for the penn group.  Everyone else hit 6x 400m on a 3:30 cycle.  Caroline ran the 2nd fastest 3k in county history (her sister is the fastest) .



Wednesday 4/21/10- scheduled 400 reps were moved to Thursday due to a thunderstorm- kids got between 40-50 minutes and 10 strides.

Tuesday 4/20/10- progressive run of between 6-7.2 and a mile of madness.  Good day good day

Monday 4/19/10- kids ran either a Conover or competed in a duel vs. North and R-ville.  Sam -and Brian hit 2.5 miles up, 5 miles at threshold and a 400m in 54 followed by a coolie for around 9 on the day.