Week of 4/5/10

Sunday 4/11/10- long run team runs between 12-14.5 miles.  Mancuso and Schoepfer hit 14 in 94 minute before getting in 8 striders.  Margiotta led the rest of the guys with 8.6 miles followed by 5 mile reps begining at 5:45 and finishing at 5:25.  8 strides to finish gave him about 14 on the day. Caroline led the ladies with 11.5 miles and 12 strides.

Saturday 4/10/10- Colts Neck Relays Boys 4x 800m gets 2nd and runs school record!!!!

Friday 4/9/10- either pre meet or 4x 800m on a 6 minute cycle.

Thursday 4/8/10- guys n gals hit a 40 minute run followed by 200m striders and a 800m coolie.  Core after.

Wednesday 4/7/10-duel vs Notre Dame- some very solid performances.

Tuesday 4/6/10-most everyone doing the duel tomorrow hit 4.3 miles and 12 strides, those who didn’t hit a progressive Conover- Prathik led the way for the guys.

Monday 4/5/10-the majority of South runners warmed up 3 miles, drills, strides, and hit 8x 400m on grass with a 3:30 cycle.   Cooldown of .75 miles jog and 12 strides.  Windy but warm out.  Mancuso and Schoepfer hit 3 miles up followed by 5 miles of threshold running before getting in  a mile of cooldown.  Good day.