Week of 4-13-09

Friday 4/17/09-  Everyone did the 6.5 mile big dipper loop on rabbit hill road followed by 6 to 8 strides for those racing on saturday. Those not racing did a mile of madness. 

Thursday 4/16/09- extended warm-up at steady state pace between 3- and 4.3 miles followed by team stretches and 8 strides.  Those running Saturday did short specificity(600 at GMP pace or 400 at G8P) followed by cardiopulmonary work(6*400 on 2 Minute Cycles).  Those not running Saturday did specificity(1200 at GMP and at 4:30 all out 400) followed by cardiopulmonary work(8*400 on 2:20 cycle).  Great weather- great day- good buddies- good food-great ingredients -Papa Johns.

Wednesday 4/15/09-day of rest and recovery, everyone did just 20 minutes easy followed by group stretches and core.   

Tuesday 4/14/09-Meet postponed.  Those who worked out yesterday went out for 40 minutes followed by a MOM.  Those set to run today hit 13 minutes up followed by drills and strides then broke up int0 groupsMD ladies hit 600, 400, 400, 200 followed by fast 150’s and overunders.  Distance group ladies hit 1200, 800, 400, and 150’s.  Distance guys hit 4-3-2-1 led by Doug Wallack.  Mancuso, Foy and Schoepfer hit 10 laps at threshold followed by a mile at 3200 pace followed by an 800 at mile pace.  Finished with 150’s and overunders. Good day.

Monday 4/13/09-Those who weren’t cheduled to run against Steinert hit the track for a medly of 200’s 400’s and followed by a mile of madness. Those running against Steinert did an easy run followed by mile of madness.  Katie performed a 40 minute run followed by 2×1600 @ threshold 5:56, 5:57 then a MOM.  Schoepfer, Mancuso, and Foy ran 4×1600 on a 1 minute rest at threshold- followed MOM.