Week of 2/2/09-

Wednesday 2/4/09– Varsity boys did between 50-60 minutes followed by 10-12 strides at 800 pace. Developmental group did between 40 and 50 minutes of running.

Tuesday 2/3/09– Jeff, Kevin Schoepfer, Max and Nick hit 30 minutes at tempo followed by some fast 200’s on the track.  Developmental group did 60 minutes.

Monday 2/2/09-forshadowing a big storm the Pirates got after it.  Those competing yesterday ran vetween 70-90 minutes.  Those in the developmental group hit a 900m at goal mile pace followed by 400 rest then 4×400 on a 2 minute cycle. followed by a 300 m rest, finishing with a 3×400 on a 2 minute cycle. Girls and newbies hit the 400’s on a 3 minute cycle. Coach Anil really stepped up!!!!