Week of 12/8/08

Saturday 12/13/08-distance run- 5 minutes shorter than last week- but a mile longer on the threshold. Varsity guys led the way with 9.5 miles at 6:45 pace followed by 3 miles at 5:26/ 5:33/ 5:34. 

Friday 12/12/08-distance run followed by strides. 

Thursday 12/11/08-13 minutes up, quick drills n strides (8) followed by 300, 200, 100 Fast.  Jv did 2 sets, Varsity did 3.  Tried to get it over quick- rainy ouy and cold.   

Wednesday 12/10/08- easy run followed by stretching- core before- 3-8 miles.

Tuesday 12/9/08-quick team meeting followed by warm-up, drills, strides.  Different Groups went into their workouts.  Katie did a fast 800 followed by 200’s (5) at pace. Girls did between 6-8 400’s on a 3:30 cycle.  Most guys did the same on a 3:00 cycle.  The boys 800 group hit 4×400 at goal pace (60 or under) with full rest.  The boys miler group hit 5*600 at Mile goal pace with full rec.  Boys distance group hit 4*800 @ GP.  Good day- great weather. 

Monday 12/8/08-kids met in science wing for some core followed by a distance run of between 30-50 minutes with a few strides.  Good day

Very Very Cold out!