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Week of 12/29/08-

Sunday- 1/4/08-a few miles oyo.  Saturday 1/3/08- run at the tow path- a few ran a straight run of 14.5 with 8 strides for the full 15- others hit 60-70 with a minimum of 2 miles repeats. Friday 1/2/08- split into … Continue reading

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Week of 12/22/08

Sunday-  12/28/08-easy running oyo. Saturday 12/27/08– group met at the towpath for a long run- teams got off to a good start at MC games in NYC.  Friday 12/26/08-those running marine corps took the day easy with 40-50 minutes and strides, … Continue reading

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Week of 12/15/08

Sunday- mileage oyo  Saturday 12/20/08-long run of 50-100 minutes – no tempo miles due to horrible ice on Tow path  Friday 12/19/08-off due to unusually horrible weather.  Thursday 12/18/08-20 minutes warm-up, drills, strides (8) and 9-10×200 either fast or 30/29/28. Great day.  … Continue reading

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Week of 12/8/08

Saturday 12/13/08-distance run- 5 minutes shorter than last week- but a mile longer on the threshold. Varsity guys led the way with 9.5 miles at 6:45 pace followed by 3 miles at 5:26/ 5:33/ 5:34.  Friday 12/12/08-distance run followed by … Continue reading

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In the early 1900’s African Americans in New Jersey were offered a tremendous opportunity to succeed atop the beautiful Bordentown Bluffs when the Old Ironsides School was created in the tradition of the Tuskegee Institute. The official name was Manual … Continue reading

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Week of 12/1/08

Sunday 12/7/08-Katie ran an hour on the treadmill to prepare for warm conditions in San Diego- Coach Wayton began “Project Ironsides” with Keith.  Check it out on Project Ironsides.  Saturday 12-6/08-Katie ran for a steady hour- Others began their transition into our hybrid … Continue reading

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