Sorry if I missed a few- I’ll fill in more later. Individual comments below- to the team- I feel as if we would have done a time trial- or if we would have entred a less competitive race we would have ran significantly faster- competition should breed increase in performance- I think we got flustered- we need to embrace the challenges of racing and keep it cimple- HAVE FUN OUT THERE- MAKE IT FUN. Hell- smile when you start to feel negative- anything- nonetheless- with a pretty bad race- we managed to be competitive- just not as competitive as last week.  Lets finish this season with vigor and enthusiasm!

Mancuso- could have gotten out better- lack of concentration allowed others to squeeze in front of you- I was sure you and Kevin would get under 13 today- if you look at the results- it’s where you belong- it’s where you deserve to be.

Foy- I know you were disappointed– I don’t need to tell you what you already know- recognize any errors ou made- lets work to fix them- you have to have fun out there- we didn’t have fun- we dwelled, stewed, etc- I don’t need to tell you where I thought you should have been- look at the results- we’ll get there.

Schoepfs- not sure where you fell- I hope it was in the begining- becuase if not you abandoned our race plan early- have faith, fun, you’re talented, tough, and in the best shape of your life. I’ve been involved with this sport a long time- I’m not b.s.-ing you.  You’re good- you’re tough.  Period. When I tell you this you can’t look me in the eye- believe it brother. 

McKee- I put us in this race in your recommendation- I recommended you in turn got out well and ran with whom you belonged- you got out horribly- guys key off you on this team- we depend on you- you’re out rock- continue to do so.

Schmitty- you said it already- we can’t have this happen- you know this- thanks for acknowledging it.

Margiotta- you ran a tad uninspired today- it was a self-conscious race- be confident- make it fun– challenge yourself- allow yourself to hurt- seek it- thrive on it but don’t think it offers any hint of whats to come- the guys who can get through the midrace hurt the best- those who can strategize to deal with it best are the most successful racers. I think you got intimidated out there.

Wallack- solid race- much better- but if you’re going to help us get to where we need to be you have to start holding it together a little better- I think you’re doubting yourself a wee bit out there- you’re tough and talented- you’ve worked incredibly hard- time to hustle.


Nate- nice work- we’ll need a big step out of you this weekend- you’re tightening up a little in the middle- relax your face more- everything will follow- you’re having a great senior year!

Buchbinder- solid race- look how your time adds up to our present varsity runners- pretty impressive! We need a big one- a breakthrough this Friday.

S. Fergs- your best race ever- awesome performance. All your work is catching up to you- you and your bro continue to do everything right.

DJ- Solid race- but not your best. You’re a senior- take some risks and lets get to the bottom of whats at the bottom of DJ.

Sameer- You’re running withought confidence- you’ll get it back with accomplishment- latch on to a teammate- shut the brain off- and ‘water ski’.

Hurshal- not your best race- you got out rough and never intently made up ground.

Aditya- time to start racing intently- get in there and be competitive.

Keith- got our great- brought our team with you- but I think when you stopped running someof your team did as well- latch onto the varsity this friday- stop paying attention to how you feel and make your last few weeks as a Pirate memorable.

Joe Fergs- I don’t have to tell you where you belong- when things weren’t going your way early- you stopped racing- you mentally tanked- stay postive and embrace the challenge- you’ve earned the right to race well by doing everything right.

Alex- uninspired race- you went through the motions- challenge yourself!

Gurbux- ditto- had a rought ime getting out and you let it dictate your remaining effort.

Callahan- find your uniform bottoms.

Sleps- get in there and keep going forward- build your confidence through effort and accomplishment.

Wulfy- ok performance- we though you into the big league!