Week of 6/30/08

Listen while you read. 

Friday  7/4/08- gthe team celebrated American Independence by getting in a very solid first hill workout.  Kids met at Witherspoon St. Lot at 8:00 am. and jogged the 2.5 miles up to the top of Arreton Rd. we breifly stretched and regrouped before the kids ran between 6-11 hill repeats with skipping up the hill every 4-5 reps. 2.5 miles back down.  Good showing- congrats on the newcomers for making it through the first week!!!

Wednesday 7/2/08-first long run- met at the tow path- switched up the typical run as we segued over to the new Princeton University cross country course- kids looped around from 2-5 miles before heading back to the tow path.  Varsity guys hit 11-11.5- JV’s a little less- girls ran between 60-65 minutes at the varsity level and as little as 30 for the youngins.

Tuesday 7/1/08– first day of practice- we all met at the Marina and got in an easy run.  Decent turn out- better than last year..