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Week of 2/25/08

Listen while you read!!!  Monday 2/25/08-  Easterns guys do 30-40 minutes with a few strides- everyone else about the same. Katie and McKee do 20 minutes warm-up, 5:47, 11:50, 23:50 29:37 (5 miles). Katie then does 800m easy and 8 strides.  … Continue reading

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MOC 2/23/08

First things first- Brian’s race was the most amazing thing I’ve ever been a part of. You followed directions and executed courageously.  2:19 @ the 800, 4:36 @ the mile, 8:27 at 3k.  4:24 last mile-2:40 last K, 2:08 last … Continue reading

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Week of 2/18/08

feist-1234.mp3feist-1234.mp3 Listen while u read. Sunday- 2/24/08- Saturday- 2/23/08- MEET OF CHAMPS. PRACTICE ON YOUR OWN- RUN ON SAFE ROADS FOR 80-100 MINUTES TODAY OR SUNDAY!!! Friday- 2/22/08- Thursday-2/21/08-Bowerman specials. 8X400 w/ 125m rest.  Kids warm-up for 2 miles followed by 400’s @ … Continue reading

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State Group Meet 2/17/08

Mancuso- GREAT GUTSY RACE!!! Lets look at your splits- 67.3/2:15.6/3:21 (DMR SPLIT FROM A MONTH AGO) /4:27.4, #3 All-Time at South according to our non-existent records department.  You should be incredibly proud of yourself!! Where do we go from here? … Continue reading

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Week of 2/11/08

chinese-baby.mp3 Sunday- Easy run for most, Mancuso sandwiched his qualifying 4:27 (3rd all-time indoors) with a 13 minute warmup followed by 5 and 5.  50 surrounded his US#1 9:02.6 with a 13 minute warmup and a 10 minute cooldown followed … Continue reading

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Race Comments

Sectional Meet 2/10/08 Katie- 1600- good job pushing the pace- hey- like I said- 90 percent of the time that kids going to go by you- she out kicks girls that run under 2:20- I’m proud that you made her … Continue reading

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Old News Stories.

SCHOEPFER SETS RECORD!!!!! South’s on the Move!!       WROBO Relays this weekend !! Brian Schoepfer runs 4:37 to break the All-Time Pirate Freshman 1600 record! Mancuso cruises to a 9:43! SHELBY MILLER CRANKS OUT A 2:25!!!  Katie Kellner runs a solo 5:11.9! … Continue reading

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