Week of 3/19/18

Wednesday 3/21/18- assignments here!!!! get out of safe between 6-10 miles depending on your group! ! if access to treadmill please get in 70 minutes or more.  also please get in 200 push ups and 600 sit ups!!! Git er dun Pirates!!!!!!!!

Top dudes- 10 miles or 70 minutes

Top ladies – 8 miles or 65 minutes

Dev A- 8 miles or 65 min

Dev B  6 miles or 50 minutes

Dev C- 50 minutes.

Tuesday 3/20/18– core (40 push ups x2/120 situps) 5-9 miles on campus loop. squat and deads after.  Sleeting like crazy out.

Monday 3/19/18– 15:00 up, SD, 12- 30x400m, 2 laps down. top gals down to 2:30 per cycle, dudes 2:00.  Good weather.


Week of 3/12/18

Saturday 3/17/18-7-16 miles with 1 (ladies)- 2x (top dudes) up Big George. Big George is a mile long steep hill near Rocky Hill.

Friday 3/16/18– 15:00 up, SDS (8) 1600m at goal 32, Sameer led dudes in 4:32, Kelsey led the ladies in 5:29, track was crowded and windy.  2 laps easy, 8x100m with over unders, 2 laps easy, heavy deads and squats.

Thursday 3/15/18– same  as tuesday.

Wednesday 3/14/18– 15 min u, SDS 4-12 x 800m on a  4, 4:30, and 5:15c, 2 laps down.

Tuesday 3/13/18-5-9 miles at maintenance pace.

Monday 3/12/18-1.25 miles up, stretch. 3-6 x  1 mile at LT, about 215m jog between each., 1.25 miles down. squat routine after.

Week of 3/5/18

Saturday 3/8/18- practice at 8:30 am at high school South!!!!!! Kids ran between 6 and 11 miles followed by 10 x 100m and squat/ deadlift routine.

Friday 3/7/18– kids ran 20 fast 300m standard warm up and cooldown.

Wednesday -3/7/18- Thursday 3/8/18- run OYO due to weather catastrophe.

Tuesday 3/6/18– distance run of between 4-8 miles. pushups and situps.

Monday 3/5/18-15 minutes up, SD, most kids ran bulk 400’s.  Top guys ran 30 x 400m on a 2:05c, next group (top ladies) ran 26x 400m on a  2:25c, 3rd group ran 22x 400m on a 2:50c, beginners ran  8-10 x 400m on a 3:00 cycle. Nationals crowd ran 20:00 up,  SDS (8) followed by 600m at 1:25, 10:00 jog, 6x100m fast- 2 laps down.

Week of 2/26/18

Saturday 3/3/18– kids ran between 4-13.5 miles- top guys hit a fast clip.

Friday 3/2/18-1st day of practice- kids ran a hard 800 and some fast 200’s before heading inside!!! rough day out!!!!!

<all workouts done between 2/26-3/2 without coach supervision- all times self- reported by athletes>

Wednesday 2/28/18– kids ran 80 minutes on their own, md group getting ready for nationals reported;y ran 2x500m at goal 800 – 2 min rest between 500’s, full rest, 2 x 400m at goal 800 2 minutes rest between each.

Monday 2/26/18-15 min warm up, SD- most kids ran bulk reps of 8-12 x 800m on a 4:15, 4:45, and 5:30 cycle. Top guys ran 2:33 for first 4 and 2:29-2:30 for last 12.   Justin and Adwin ran 4×400 on with 2:10 rest, they ran 61, 57.8, 60, 59- 60 (Justin). Squatters squatted heavy (3 sets of 5 reps front and back)

Week of 2/19/18

Sunday 2/25/18– Sameer 5th at MOC’s in 4:17.1!!!!!!!!

Saturday 2/24/18-8:30 am.  PRACTICE. TURNING BASIN PARK. Justin and Adwin ran 5×350 at goal 800m pace with 2:10 rest.

Friday 2/23/18– Kelsey ran pre meet and Sameer ran his regular distance run followed by 150’s.  Most kids ran 15:00 up- SDS (8) followed by 12 x 150 split into 50ms- fast-float-fast, 2 laps down followed by upper body lift of 3×5 reps of heavy hex bar, 5×5 reps of Bench and 40 pullups or pulldowns.

Thursday 2/22/18– kelsey and sameer ran steady distance followed by strides, sameer ran 4 x 200m- Adwin and Jlo ran 6x300m on a 2:30 c ,1st one was in 44.2 the rest were between 43.1-43.4.

Wednesday 2/21/18-kids ran 6-11 miles followed by lower body lift

Tuesday 2/20/18-leg drills followed by 15:00, SD and 20-30x 400m on a 2:10, 2:40 and 2:50 cycle for those not competing indoors. Top dogs avg’d 72.  Sameer ran 5 x 1 mile at LT  (5:17/5:07/5:13/5:12/5:06 )with a 60 s concentration break followed by 8 x 200m in 29. Justin and Adhwin ran 10×200 28, 28, 28, 28, 27.93, 27.14, 28.08, 27.87, 28.28, 27.51 with generous rest. (3 min) Kelsey ran 4×1600 at LT (6:03, 6:12, 6:15, 6:13)  with same 60 s concentration break  followed by 6x 200 in 34. 2 laps down for everyone.

Monday 2/19/18-kids ran OYO-

Week of 2/12/18

Monday 2/19/18-OYO

Sunday 2/18/18-recovery run ON YOUR OWN!!!!!!!!!! 50 minutes and 10 x 100m

Saturday 2/17/18-Practice at 8:30 am at Turning Basin Park. 6:30 am bus for sectional crowd. Top guys run to Whitehead Rd and finish with 10x100m. Developmental B (Gals A) run peacock house and 20x100m, Dev C (gals B) run bakers basin and  20x100m.

Friday 2/16/18– OYO- Tim Ryan and Justin be ready to begin workout at 3:00 pm. 2 miles up, SDS (8) 400m in 57-58 focusing on relaxation, short rest (20s) 200 in 28-29 focusing on working through their finish. 15- 20 minutes down.  Those competing tomorrow ran pre meet 20 min and strides, everyone else ran mileage.

Thursday 2/15/18– Power and speed followed by upper body lift.

Wednesday 2/14/18– most kids ran between 8- 10.6 miles.  Those competing this weekend ran 7-8.5 miles followed by form 150’s.  Those competing at Easterns ran a Bowerman special, Justin led all in 1:28.7/ 28.8. good day – good weather.

Tuesday 2/13/18– kids ran 20 minutes up, SD, duders ran in two groups over 4.5 miles on track, 1st Group Ryan and Sameeer ran 24:14 (5:22/mi), 2nd group ran 24:37 (5:28/ mi) followed by 6x200m at 30 (125m rest)- 2 laps down.  Kelsey and Kavya ran 3.5 miles at LT in 21:53 (6:15/ mi) followed by 5x200m in 34- 2 laps down. Team stretch after.

Monday 2/12/18-most kids ran 15:00 up, SD, followed by 8-12x 800m on a 4:30, 5 and 6 min cycle. 2 laps down followed by 2 sets of back squats and 2 sets of front squats.  those competing at states and beyond ran a variety of other workouts.  Dudes ran 11 miles followed by strides, Kelsey ran 8 miles on grass followed by strides, Kavya ran 30 minutes steady and 800m at 2:50, 600m in 2:04 , 400m in 79, and 200 in 35 , 2 laps down.